Wild bouquets

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Just a quick pre-summer suggestion:

No need or reason to buy cut flowers this time of year to decorate your home. And frankly…how sustainable are most of those bright, gaudy flowers, flown in from far corners of the world, from plantations sprayed with chemicals. I say – save the money and take a lovely walk outside and look at what is around you – wild greens, by some considered weeds, make beautiful decorations. And they keep really well, mine have been in vase for a little over a week now.

Here’s what I’ve brought home recently:

Burdock stalks: Burdock has a life span of two years  – the first year it develops its root and big leafs that stay close to the ground. Second year it grows a stem and develops flowers, or what we know as ”burrs”. Cut them before the flowers open. They make for a very stately bouquet.

Burdock (Kardborre). Arctium lappa.
Burdock (Kardborre). Arctium lappa.

Another plant that is shooting out the ground with the speed of lighting right now is Meadowsweet (Älgört). Pick the stems before it goes to bloom.

Meadowsweet, Älggräs (Filipendula ulmaria)
Meadowsweet, Älggräs (Filipendula ulmaria)

Wild Raspberry branches are a favorite – the are tall and last for weeks in a vase.

Wild raspberry, VIldhallon, (Rubus idaeus)
Wild raspberry, VIldhallon, (Rubus idaeus)

Don’t forget to begin to explore wild grasses. They are beautiful on their own and amazing to mix with other wild plants.

Wild beauties.
Wild beauties


Stay wild!



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