Vanilla Body Oil with Baobab

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While in Zanzibar I bought the most amazing Vanilla I have ever come across (Zanzibar is not called Spice Island for nothing!). It’s soft, fruity, sensual, sexy, feminine, earthy, moist, sweet, kind and warm, a scent full of promises and comfort, sensuality and love. I love Vanilla. In food as well as in body products (though not in perfume! Too sweet!).

Try vanilla oil on a salad or in a Turnip soup. Or just rub on your skin and feel fabulous.

When I had a skin care brand, I used to make Vanilla Body Oil on rare occasions and sell it on a “limited edition” premise.  It went fast and people still ask for it. Here is the recipe, i’ts so easy to make, provided you have good Vanilla. Nowadays I just make it for myself and a few very dear friends (who claim they can’t  live  without it, which I strongly doubt but I would hate for them to pass on so I don’t risk it!). The recipe is found in one of my books, Lisens Indian Spa” (only available in Swedish), but now you can make it too!

What you need: Good Vanilla (choose organic if you can) is a must. Previously I used Almond- and Jojoba oil but now, after my trip to Africa, I have fallen in love with the Baobab tree and its oil.

Baobab tree: superfood, super medicine, super water container, food for elephants and humans.
Baobab tree: superfood, super medicine, super water container, food for elephants and humans.

Baobaob oil i nourishing, rejuvenating, healing and easily absorbed by the skin.The tree is indigenous of Africa and is, to me, nothing less than a miracle: the trunk can contain up to 120 000 liters of water (120 tons), live for 5000 years, feeds both elephants (the bark and leaves) and humans who enjoy its fruit, considered a superfruit due to its high content of antioxidants, Vitamin-C and healing properties. The oil is pressed from its kernel.  In Africa the Baobab tree is known as “Tree of Life”.

Experiments with the proportions of the oils is best for you. I like the one in the recipe – if you prefer 50/50 go for that or…it’s your oil, you decide!

If you don’t have Baobab oil or Jojoba, use Almond.

I like to scent my oil with either Lime,Lemon or Olibanum essential oil. Olibanum because it is know to be “immediately grounding” – something I often need.

So, here’s the recipe. Easy Peasy as the Naked Chef Jamie Oliver says when he cooks up a storm.

1 part jojoba oil

2 parts baobaboil

Vanilla pods – I used 4 – 5for 2 cups water. Should it become too strong, just add more oil after it’s done to dilute it.

Scent: essential oil of lime, lemon or Olibanum.

Ingredienser till världens härligaste olja
Ingredients to the worlds most delicious Body Oil

Cut up the Vanilla pod length wise.

Skär upp vaniljstången
Cut upp vanilla

Scrape out the seeds and put them in a dry, clean glass jag. Let the pod itself go in the jar too, along with the seeds.

Skrapa ur fröna.
Scrape out the seeds.

Add the oil. Leave the jar open before you put the lid on so the air bubbles go up to the surface and disappear.

Häll på oljan
.Add the oil

Close the lid. I usually leave the jar in a dark cool cupboard – cool is easy…I’m in Sweden….Leave it there a few weeks. Låt stå i ett skafferi ett par veckor. Eller i ett fönster, båda funkar. When done, remove the pods, add a few drops essential oil, pour the oil into a suitable bottle. Use for daily skin care and / or massage.

Låt stå en stund innan du sätter på locket
Leave the jar open so air bubbles get a chance to escape .

Smell good, makes everybody happy!


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