I invite you to share with me what I call ”a Natural lifestyle”. A life in harmony with nature, the seasons and with being human! The way I see it, it is a way of living that is simple, and at the same enjoyable, life-affirming, playful and joyful. I am convinced that a Natural life style is the way of the future. It benefits our health, our wellbeing, our environment and future generations!


Foto: Erik






Mateus and Matea, Mateus 20th anniversary 2013. Photo: Charlotte Gawell





I have the fortune of working in many different capacities – as a writer, public speaker, stylist and artist. I am not held to a title, instead I adapt what I know to what the situation demands. If you are interested in working with me – be it that I create a workshop, lecture, write a book, do a styling for a photoshoot or teach your staff how to cook delicious foods from wild herbs – let me know and we’ll figure something out.