Flowering salt

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Pink, green or yellow herbal salt will add vibrancy to the simplest of meals. It’s supereasy to make: choose an herb you like, flower or leaf, mix with fine, unbleached seasalt, store in a jar in a dark, cool place. This way when winter looms around the corner and nature is at rest, you just open one of your jars, inhale the scents of summer and life will flow back into your body.

Of course you can make herbal sugar the same way. Great to use for baking.

Blomstrande örtsalt Foto: Lisen Sundgren
Salt with: Field mustard, Rose and Sweet Cicely. Photo: Lisen Sundgren

Here’s some of the herbs I like to use: Birch, Basil, Blueberries (dried), Borage, Spruce buds, Wood Sorrel, Goutweed, Sweet Cicely, Nettles, Roses, Calendula, Field mustard, Violets, Lilacs…to mention a few.

You can also use the salt to scent a bath, just throw a handful of it in the tub. Or mix the herbal salt with oil for a great body scrub.

Björkskrubb Foto Charlotte Gawell ur Lisens Örtspa
Birch scrub. Photo Charlotte Gawell (from Lisens Herbal Spa)

For a bath salt you can also just put the flowers and leaves in salt, whole, without mixing them. Store in a jar. The salt will absorb the scent from the flowers.

Blommigt badsalt Foto Charlotte Gawell ur Lisens Örtspa
Flowery Bathsalt. Photo Charlotte Gawell from Lisens Herbal Spa

Scent your life!


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