Elderberry time

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The Elderberries are not yet ripe. That makes me happy. It means summer is still here. I’ve have heard it said that when they do ripen, summer is over and fall is here. I love summer. And I enjoy green Elderberries!

As you may know the Elderflowers are great to treat colds and flu. So are the berries, as well as being rich in vitamin C, kalcium, iron and zink. Pick the berries and save for winter to boost your immune system. Hot Elderberry lemonade(tastes like cinnamon and bitter almond) is a great winter drink as well as medicine to treat an emerging cold or sore throat.

The green berries can be used for pickles, like fake capers! Pick them as the color begins to just shift from green to purple.  Use the “capers” in stirfries, in a dip mixed with yoghurt, in desserts, soups, stews…gives a nice crunchy addition to fall and winter menues.





Omogna fläderbär Foto Lisen Sundgren
Omogna fläderbär

Eat the berries with moderation, they have a mild laxative effect! And cook them before eating. Raw berries contain a glycoside called samburigin, which in contact with water excretes prussic acid. This can cause nausea, stomach ache, diarrhea and vomiting. Boiling them destroys the samburigin.

How to make pickled Elderberries: 

Fläderkapris. Foto Lisen Sundgren

4 deciliters Elderberries

1 deciliter vinegar 12%

1 tbs sugar

1,5 teaspoon salt

Pick two liters of Elderflower clusters. Choose clusters where at least one berry begins to shift in color. That’s a sign they begin to develop flavor. Pull the berries from the stems, rinse them.


Put the berries in a hot glass jar. Bring the other ingredients to boil, pour the hot liquid over the berries. Fill all the way up. Put the lid on and let cool. Store in a cool, dark place.

Fläderkapris Foto Lisen Sundgren

I mentioned Elderberry syrup – here’s the recipe I shared in Lisens Green World (not available in English unfortunately). use it for immuneboost or a tasty beverage.

Mogna Fläderbär


100 gram Elderberries

4 twigs of fresh thyme, or 1 tablespoon dried

1 liter water

5 deciliters sugar or honey

Fläderbärsirap Foto Charlotte Gawell ur Lisens Gröna Värld
Elderberry syrup. Keeps me happy all winter. Photo Charlotte Gawell

Begin by making a decoction from the berries and thyme:  Put the berries and thyme in cold water in a pan. Bring to boil. Lower the heat and let simmer under lid for half an hour or so. Until the liquid is reduced to a third. Sieve through a strainer. Pour the liquid back in the pan and add sugar or honey. Add sugar or honey. Stir until it has dissolved. Pour in a hot jar. Put the lid on, store in refrigerator.

Förbereder fläderbärskok Foto Charlotte Gawell ur Lisens Gröna Värld
Preparing Elderberry syrup Photo Charlotte Gawell


The berries are tasty to use in food to:


Ugnsbakad fylld paprika med fläderbär,. Foto Charlotte Gawell, Det Vilda Köket
Stuffed peppers with Elderberries. Photo Charlotte Gawell from Det Vilda Köket


Ok, the sun is out, must go forage for Rosehips. Will tell you all about them tomorrow!



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