I have the fortune of working in many different capacities – as a writer, public speaker, stylist and artist.
I am not held to a title, instead I adapt what I know to what the situation demands.
If you are interested in working with me – be it that I create a workshop, lecture, write a book,
do a styling for a photoshoot or teach your staff how to cook delicious foods from wild herbs –
let me know and we’ll figure something out.
Here are some examples of companies I have worked with through the years:





I came to Rosendal in 1995 to take a much needed  break from a chaotic life. Now we have been working since then. (And yes, my life changed for the better!). This is where I discovered my passion for herbs and how much a lifestyle close to nature and the seasons was the solution to most of my problems. My tasks here have varied from selling plants to creating herbal products for the store and teaching workshops. Perhaps I’ll meet you there for an herbal walk? Check out


I had barely laid off my natural skincare line, Lisen Organics, when I got an offer from Weleda Sweden to become their spokesperson. An inspiring collaboration and task that lasted three year. I did workshops, talks, press presentations, launches among other things:



One of my passions is foraging – harvesting wild herbs. I can now share this passion with the remarkable chefs at VOLT. I pick what is in season and deliver it directly to the restaurant where Fredrik Johnson and his colleages create the most sensational dishes. It is a great privilege to work with food-creators like these, who hold such love and respect for theses wild vegetables and are so commited on working with what the season offers. Need I say I have become a regular at VOLT? They’re not just great chefs, they are also great people.



Mateus porslin,, handmade Portugese ceramics – a company I am delighted to work with. Through the years I have been commissioned various jobs as a stylist. You can see some of the work on the page ”Inspiration”. As a stylist I am always inspired by the seasons, using preferably material from nature. Here’s what Maria at Mateus has to say about our work:

“Mateus sells handmade Portugese ceramics designed in Sweden. We have worked with Lisen in the past years on a number of occasions. She has done everything from styling photo shoots,  doing press shows in Sweden and abroad, done exhibits in stores, taught workshops on styling to our agents abroad. Lisen’s wonderful ability to catch the spirit of Mateus, her beautiful personality and her ability to match the work according to our needshave made her an obvious co-worker. We hope  we will be doing lots of work together in the future.




Along with Restaurang Volt, Gastrologik is one of Stockholms top-restaurants. And I get to work with them! I thrive on seeing the happy, sometimes surprised (when I present something new) faces of the chefs when I deliver my greens. The food they create is astonishing, and all is cooked from local, seasonal foods. Love these guys.




Blick möteskonsult, is a meeting- and event management company that works with the Heart, Brain and Intuition as guiding lights! Together with Blick I have worked with conferences on Green Future, inspired international groups visiting Sweden and collaborated with great chefs to create menues with local foods in season.

Maud Wirén at Blick: “Working with Lisen feels natural!”




Saltå Kvarn is one of the most wellknown and reliable food brands in Sweden when it comes to producing organic food. I love them. And they like me, so we take every opportunity to work together. In 2014 they nominated me as one of their ”heroes”.
I am deeply honored.




If there is anything I can do for you and your company – such as a lecture, a workshop, an herbal walk… Please get in touch with me and we’ll create something beautiful!
0046(0) 706 64 69 21


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