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Vildvuxet av Lisen Sundgren


“VILDVUXET” means “Wildgrown” and it is into the wild I want to inspire you to find food, medicine and healing.

In this book my focus is to help the beginner identify plants and learn how to use them. Sustainable foraging is something I am very passionate about in this time when wild foods are becoming more and more popular so read up here on how to fulfill your own needs and leave the rest to other animals and for the plants own regeneration.

There are simple food recipes as well as suggestions on how to make your own household remedies and skincare.


Do you read Swedish? If so, you can order the book online and you’ll have it soon!


Stay wild!













Det Vilda Köket Lisen Sundgren Rune Kalf-Hansen Charlotte GawellTHE WILD KITCHEN

Original title “Det vilda köket”

Bonnier fakta 2014

Eating weeds? Sure thing! Wild plants from your backyard or nearest green patch are great food, bursting with flavour and nutrients. Together with eminent chef Rune Kalf-Hansen we have written a cook book with recipes that are easy to follow yet offer new flavours and a new way to relate to what grows around and what it is to eat what is in season!

To eat linden leaves, violets and dandelions is no stranger than eating parsley or carrots. It’s for free and organic (provided you pick them away from traffic and areas where pesticides are used). All year nature has something to offer, even in the cold, dark nordic winter. All you need to do is to open your eyes and your senses to this hidden pantry and take the time to forage. It will give you access to a whole new world of flavours, something gourmet chefs have discovered years ago.

So enjoy the wild kitchen! Make your own lime fruit pasta, meatballs with lambs quarters, nettle smoothies and more.

Enjoy the wild life!








Original title “Lisens gröna värld”

Live your life in tune with the seasons! It benefits your health as well as the environment. In this book I have collected my best tips on how herbs can be used all year, for food and drinks, as well as natural treatments for various ailments. My hope is for you to get inspired, to take care of yourself the best that you can, enjoy life and to gain energy and joy from the natural world around you.







Original title “Lisens Indiska Spa”

Inspired photography by CHARLOTTE GAWELL

Scent and color. That’s India for me. India inspires my senses are and makes me feel intensely alive. In this book I share some of the enjoyable treatments I have received so that you can experience an Indian spa in your own bathroom. From Ayurveda I’ve learned a lot about lifestyle including the importance of nurturing daily routines that help me feel better and be happier, and how important nature is for our health and beauty. This ancient wisdom is as useful now as it was 5,000 years ago. Enjoy many beautiful moments!







Original title “Lisens Indiska Spa”

A book on how to bring forth your inner, natural beauty with an herbal spa. Beautifully photographed by CHARLOTTE GAWELL

The most exquisite skincare is found in nature and the pantry. With fragrant herbs, colourful fruits and tasty vegetables you can make your own nourishing and sensuous skin products that far exceed what can be bought ready-made in expensive jars. It’s fun and easy. The book is divided into seasons, with tips on which herbs and flowers you can harvest and use during each part of the year. Here I give suggestions what herbs to use and how.

Basic recipes for simple skin care preparations such as oils, infusions, salves and scrubs. Tips and images related to harvesting herbs and flowers. A guide for using the products in a blossoming home-spa.



”Really nice book, beautiful images and easy-to-make recipes. To be recommended!”

”A sweet book with beautiful pictures and interesting recipes! Most of the them are quite simple; you only need what you have at home and the ingredients aren’t expensive. Other recipes are a bit advanced and require things that are perhaps a little pricey and hard to find.”

Lilac, comment on

”Lisen’s Herbal Spa is an unpretentious book that nevertheless conveys a great sense of luxury. The inspiring words awaken one’s curiosity and you want to try everything. The book is a must for those who want make their own salves, face masks, shampoos and peels to give just a few examples…The book is tastefully laid-out and explains in a clear and simple way how to prepare and use one’s own homemade products to achieve the best results.”

”Good books need not be new to continue to be good. One of my friends hardly travels anywhere without this book, for just as a snail always travels with its home, one can also travel with one’s own spa. In a crisis, or just because, it’s a great feeling to be able to pamper yourself without having to get an expensive treatment far from home. In Lisen’s Herbal Spa you’ll find lots to try with ingredients that are close at hand.”

“I’ve fallen completely in love with this book by Lisen Sundgren; Lisen’s Herbal Spa. The images are quite stunning and the recipes are truly inspiring. I have actually been so inspired that I have decided to build a small herb garden in the spring when the snow melts. I really want to be able to make all the recipes in this book and to do that one sometimes needs herbs that are unusual to find in the wild. I’m also planning to dry some herbs so that I can use them during the fall and winter.”

”Lisen’s Herbal Spa is an equally passionate celebration of herbs and skin care. I love to smell and taste herbs. So I can imagine bathing with them and using them on my face! An added benefit – herbs are the only plants that do not disappear into the jaws of deer and moose that feast in my garden. “







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