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I have studied herbs for food, medicine and skincare most of my adult life. Over time, this knowledge has humbled me and reminded me about our interconnectedness with nature. I  have been put on a path to explore the benefits and win-win-win in a sustainable lifestyle. What I call ”a Natural lifestyle”: A life in harmony with nature, the seasons and with being the human part of nature!

It is a way of life that increases our life quality, sense of well being, leads to a simpler life that offers more time to be in contact with the world and allows more time to connect with friends, families, hobbies and just hanging out in nature.  I don’t preach any particular diet or dogma. Keeping it simple, get in tune with what is right for you and find a sustainable way to live that works for you.

The time we live in is a crossroads for humanity and nature, a tipping point. With a natural life style I believe we together can change the future for the better for all living beings. It’s a win-win-win thing.

So what does it mean, a ”Natural lifestyle”?

It’s a way of living where we leave a very light and graceful, ecological footprint on our planet. Where we enjoy eating what is in season and is produced by local food producers. A life where we spend time in nature to enjoy just being part of it, learn to use herbs and plants for food and medicine, learn to listen to the signals from our bodies and nourish ourselves accordingly. To live the way our bodies are meant to! Ridding our life from chemicals and live in a way that is beneficial to our health, the globe and coming generations benefits us all. It gives us better food, better health and can sustain us for a long time.

Enjoy nature with all your senses – the scent of a rose, the warm taste of basil or the feel the earth on your skin when digging your hands in the soil. Feel the energy of the earth flow through you, while you sit in silence on a rock by the ocean or in a beautiful spot in the forest. In my experience this is how we bring out the best in ourselves.

Who am I?

Titles are a tricky thing but in short I guess I can call myself herbalist, forager, writer and nature philosopher with a passion for natures effect on our lives. It’s my experience that with nature’s help, we can keep ourselves healthy, strong and creative. I began making herbal salves in my kitchen in the early -90’s. As a hobby. Soon enough my natural, organic skin care brand Lisen Organics was bornwhich after many years of success, I decided to close. Now I dedicate my time to teach a natural, wholesome lifestyle, write books, organize trips and greet the opportunities that come my way.

To further inspire and remind us of this ancient knowledge of life I hold herb walks and workshops where ever I am invited to do so. I also work with chefs to further develop the use of wild plants. For exemple Restaurang Volt.  I teach workshops, write books and philosophy around the benefits of us as humans hanging out and interacting with nature. It is great medicine!  Here’s a list of the books I’ve written: Lisen’s Herbal Spa(Prisma 2008) and Lisen’s Indian Spa, (Norstedts 2010),  Lisens Gröna Värld (Norstedts 2013) and Det vilda köket (Bonnier fakta 2014). MY NEW BOOK, VILDVUXET, (Wild grown), IS DUE IN MID-MAY 2017!


What can I do for you?

If you want to learn the benefits of a natural lifestyle I invite you to join me in a workshop, lecture or herb walk. Allow yourself to be inspired by fragrant herbs, wild foods and berries, resplendent oils and joyus flowers! Nature offers us an opportunity to become more vital and bring forth our own true, beautiful nature so you can be even more of who you really are!

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Lisen Organics was my natural cosmetics brand, that begun when I started making salves in my kitchen. The products were greatly appreciated and gave me a lot of attention in a time when natural cosmetics were not as available as they are today. It was fun and I am proud of what I created. Being a restless soul in constant need of change I laid off the business in 2010. I still get e-mails from my customers asking if I will pick up the production again. It is great to be missed! There are some other great brands I can recommend though, like Moonsun, C/O Gerd, Weleda and Dr Hauschka for example.



Do good. Be good. Feel good.



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