A watch dog for Econef!

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Let’s buy a watch dog! Here’s the situation:

Econef childrens center, where I am currently staying, is located a good hour from the nearest town, Arusha. Far out in the country at the foot of Himalaya, a perfect place for a farm and for children to play.


The childrens center emerges!
The childrens center emerges!

Caroline Nicholas, the founder of Econef, has inherited the land from her father and forefathers, and it has belonged to the family for generations. The building of this site means a lot of valuable work for the local builders who also seem to be very proud to be a part of the project and excited to create a future for the kids and bring life to the area.

But of course there are risks involved – a building site contains a lot of valuable tools and materials, plus there are animals and their fodder lying around so the risk of theft is huge. At night we have a watchman to keep an eye on things but it is not enough. Caroline feels we need a watchdog and is dreaming of buying one, she has even picked one out at the kennel. The search for a competent trainer who can also become the new watchman is on and there is good hope to find one very soon.

The puppy is two months old and of course very adorable and seems to be in good health. If all goes as planned the dog will be old enough and trained by Mars / April when it can move here! There’s just one thing…she needs money to buy it SO this is where you come in – why don’t we all pitch in and give it to her for Christmas? All that is needed is 250 dollars. It’s not much and every donation counts! If you are interested please leave me your contacts in the message field and I’ll give you the details.

All donors will get a beautiful Thank You card to put on the wall as proof of your generosity. I need to solve this before December 30 when I leave for my next destination.

Let’s do this! Wouldn’t it be cool to contribute to make Econef a safe place for children and the animals at the farm so the center becomes a safe place where kids and animals can thrive and feel safe in the way that every living being has a right to?

Giving is living!





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